A hand finished silkscreen.  Somerset 100% cotton rag paper 280gsm, 112cm x 76cm 2014.  Signature, edition number and title of work written in pencil on the right hand vertical side of the print.  A new edited edition of this piece is planned for 2016, with changes including painting the toenails with gold leaf.

White pigment and red dye based inks used to hand paint the kimono and toenails of the Geisha Girl.    


The piece is made intimate by the hand painting of the kimono and toenails.

The work is highly symbolic, with many references to pull the strings of recollection and association, including: The Great Wave of Kanagawa (Katsushika Hokusai), the Western sailor 'swallow' tattoo tradition (it was believed if a sailor died at sea the swallows he had tattooed on his skin would carry him to heaven) and the Eastern swallow symbolism of spring time and prosperous change - building on a dialogue about the relationship between East and West. The symbolism is carefully balanced, as if floating, even the idea of Geisha is suspended - Japanese courtesan or Chinese storyteller skilled in many arts? 

The Flying Geisha Girl plays on many levels, so whilst it ties in with symbolism and story telling, it is also about nudging the accepted way of things; by breaking subtle rules of screen printing convention and playing with our way of seeing. The piece from a distance is not the same as close up, as if the artist wishes to delight us in exchange for taking the time to get close and see the detail and the layers of depth. 


Work requested for auction