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SURVIVAL 8 - recent news.

The eighth edition will show a new face of SURVIVAL, whose name has changed to SURVIVAL Art Review (previously: SURVIVAL Young Art in Extreme Conditions Review). It will be held in a new convention: this year’s edition will have its subject / key motive: ‘Architecture as a crime scene’. SURVIVAL 8 will surprise: with the venue, issues, way of presenting…

SURVIVAL Art Review, which is organised by the ART TRANSPARENT Foundation, each year explores new buildings,  places and areas of Wroclaw, rediscovers them and in a way brings back to the public sphere. The venue for SURVIVAL 8 will be the Strzegomski Bunker (Air-raid Shelter). The bunker was built in  1942, according to Richard Konwiarz’s design, who had also co-authored the plan of redevelopment of Wroclaw in the years 1919-1920, and initially served as an air-raid shelter for civilians. Today the bunker does not serve any public function, waiting to be transformed into Museum of Modern Art. That is why ‘SURVIVAL 8 is an avant-garde laboratory of art in this place – its task is to test the Shelter as a potential exhibiting space, i.e. a museum and art gallery…’ – says the Director of the Review and its curator Michal Bieniek. The façade of the shelter is ornamented with Stanislaw Drózdz’s work ‘The Hourglass’. This year SURVIVAL’s and the late artist’s paths cross again – he took part in the fifth edition of the Review, presenting his work ‘Topography of Semantics’ on the opera building in Wroclaw.

SURVIVAL 8 will refer to traditional exhibiting techniques, including – in part – conceptual art. The key phrase put forward by the curators of the Review, ‘Architecture as a crime scene’, will be expressed in realisations in the scope of visual arts, but also in sound art, film screenings and a number of discussions / debates and festival publications. The eighth edition of the Review will be more demanding of the audience, artists and the organisers themselves. What may come as a surprise is the innovative way of presenting works. As Anna Kolodziejczyk, a curator of the Review, puts it: ‘SURVIVAL’s mission is to build on the potential of direct interaction with art and artists and to use it in order to inspire and talk about ideas, shape critical and creative thinking, finally – encourage to individual search and reflection.’

SURVIVAL 8 will comprise of: three-day Art Review – a presentation of works of artists from Poland and the world in the Strzegomski Bunker, including film screenings; sound installations and a series of debates on contemporary culture, its future development and economic situation. The debates will take place in the festival club at the back of the Shelter.   

Among the 36 artistic realisations of SURVIVAL will be the newest works of Dorota Nieznalska, Pawel Kowzan, Michal Smandek, Szymon Kobylarz and the I inni group. During this year’s edition of the Review there will be also works of artists from abroad, among others Andrew Binkley (Hawaii, USA), Nicole Wassall (UK) and Benedikt Dischgans (Germany).