The Rag Factory | 16-18 Heneage Street | London, E1 5LJ | T. 020 7650 8749 | | 10 – 5 Mon to Sun
Press Release
2nd June – 8th June 2008
Private View 2nd June 6.30 – 10, with live music by REVERE on stage at 8.30
“….Exhibitions are only worth looking at if we manage to dispense with preordained
categories and arrive at a plateaux where art communicates it self and
on its on terms.” *
When this show was being put together, we asked ourselves, what could be more
desirable than 21 self‐contained pieces of work existing as they are. When we
found no satisfying answer, we realised that this was the show in itself.
“Wanted” presents twenty one contemporary national and international artists,
showing work that is as diverse as it is diametric. The artists exhibit work in
video, photography, painting, performance, pornography, and audio. The work
ranges from the Political, to the religious, from narcissistic to altruistic, from the
grotesque to the beautiful.
This intimate venue squeezes the work together, confining it and refocusing the
viewer to contemplate his or her immediate surroundings. The work is, in this
sense, free to impose its own language and thus be liberated from conscription
and open to interpretation.
Exhibiting artists include; Ann Bartrum, Robert Cary‐Williams, Mark Dennis,
Christopher Gomersall, Marcin Gwiazdowski, Sabine Haessler, Sanam Khatibi,
Matthew Krishanu, Konstantinos Menelaou, Begoña Morea Roy, Keh Ng, Imogen
O’Rorke, Nicola Reed, Hannah Simons, Marcela Spadaro, Alina Spatariu, Matthew
Stock, Maria Theodoraki, Nicole Wassall, Michelle Wyn‐De‐Bank & Sofia Viol.
Your attendance will be welcomed in what should be an enjoyable opening of
some exciting, emerging artists in London now.
For further information contact Matthew Stock on
For information about The Rag Factory please contact Silas on T. 020 7650 8749
*from the forward to Documenta 12 by Roger M.Burgel and Ruth Noack.